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Looking for the cheese origin we need to travel back in time, back to Transylvania. The cheese production, we know now, came here together with Romanian nomadic shepherds at the end of 17th century. The technique of this cheese production is very popular here - the product is well-spread fresh unpasteurized sheep cheese. It is produced as pasteurized kind as well.  The by-product in the process of cheese making is a whey used for a preparation of a popular drink called "žinčica"

A typical accompanying effect is the creaking teeth when consuming the fresh sheep cheese. The best one is when it has 2 days because this is the time when the taste is changing from sweet to sour-sweet.  The maximal aging time is 5-7 days. The fresh sheep cheese may be also salted or smoked or enriched by flavour of different fresh herbs. It is also suitable for additional cooking preparation.

Ideal consumption is in combination with white pastry and with all kinds of "quite" modest wine.

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